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Apostolic Fathers - Book Review

In his book "Apostolic Fathers of the 21st Century" Burnell T. Williams Sr. captures the heart of God as it relates to spiritual fathering. He leads the reader into an in depth study of apostleship and bishopric in light of the scriptures. He details the importance of the interaction of the gift and the office. The main thrust of the book is the subject matter of these two, the gift of the apostle and the office of the bishop.

The importance of this study is seen in the reemergence in America today and the frequency we are seeing new church bodies recognize the place of apostolic fathers and the office of bishops. William defines the importance of the apostle to the local church. He then provides scriptural clarification regarding the qualifications of an apostle.

Part One covers a study on the gift of the apostle. This section includes: the, the divine necessity of an apostle, criteria on the thirteenth apostle, mention of other apostles and their qualifications, and closes with today's Gentile apostles. Williams reviews historically how the apostles functioned in the early church, and biblically how they should function today. Part Two deals with the office of the bishop, The Bishopric, the church bishops and the qualifications, and duties of the bishop.

This is a book that should be read by members of the church at large, pastors, elders, deacons, and all church leaders. It will be especially helpful to those who have been troubled by the confusion existing in many church circles, denominations, and seminaries on the interpretation and application of this teaching for the church in today's contemporary setting. Williams encourages the reader be like the New Testament Bereans, who went on to complete further study in light of the teaching of the scriptures. This is an excellent treatise on the subject is well researched historically and Biblically.

Richard R. Blake, Christian Education Consultant, Book Store Owner

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