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Travelling In And Around Kent This Christmas

Take the family on a mini adventure on the Spa valley railway Christmas special, Santa will be there this year to celebrate as you and your young ones take a ride aboard the Spa Valley railway. The tip is a 7 mile round trip that leaves Tunbridge Wells west through to Groombridge and you can book places from the 1st of December right up until the 24th December.

Your return train trip to Groombridge will last around 45 minutes. On arrival back at Tunbridge Wells, as you are taken along this magical tour through the glorious countryside that is Kent you will be driven in a steam locomotive and the children will be entertained with games and magic.

So have you read and found out a little more about your surrounding area? If not there is an excellent site that I would like to refer you to its excellent for finding out where to go, what to do how to get there? You could even find the best car dealers and houses prices in your area and more!

You can find out more about what's in on and around Kent with the Kent Online Group website, it even keeps you updated with the latest news and reviews in your area and better still it's free! Here is the website: www.kentonline.co.uk

Within each town or village section you will find the latest local and surrounding area news and sport stories published by the Kent Messenger Group. You will also find information relating to where you live, and be able to search for businesses and services.

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