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The Ultimate Guide to Christmas for the Catholic Family

Christmas is merely three weeks away. There is ample time to be well prepared for it. However if we do not prepare ourselves now we will caught totally unprepared when we realize that the festivities are only one week away! There will be many of us due to personal or employment circumstances who will feel unprepared when the day arrives. Those of us in such an unfortunate situation will be harried trying to tie loose ends to ensure that nothing is missed out on the Big Day.

Where do we turn to for help to remember all the important details? Fear no more as this article will assist you.

I have found a great book that is a God sent to anyone who finds themselves lost as to what needs to be done for Christmas and even those who want to ensure that nothing is left out. This book titled, The Ultimate Guide to Christmas on the Net, is chock full of information. It has information for both parents and children. Among others it lists the following:

  1. Mailing address of Santa (I found this cute)
  2. Traditions like bell ringing, birth of Jesus, candles, Carols, Christmas Tree and of course reindeer legend. Did you know that the origins of the reindeer legend actually are about five to six thousand years old!
  3. How to have a stress free celebration
  4. How to budget your festivities
  5. The way people in different countries in the world wish each other Merry Christmas and how they celebrate it (this is this very educational)
  6. How to create a family tradition. Many excellent Christian ideas here. Easy enough for a family to choose one.
  7. Some traditional American recipes
  8. Preparing for the Christmas party
  9. Christmas Music (you can actually download forty songs) and 22 Traditional songs with lyrics (everyone of them sung in Churches, including several that are now bannedĚ in certain ultra secular radio stations that insist that Christmas should not be a religious festival).
  10. Gift ideas (of course, how could I forget) and much more.

Please visit Ultimate Christmas Guide for more information.

I wish you and your family a very Blessed Christmas.

James Pereira is a Catholic father of two energetic sons and husband of a beautiful woman who has during Christmases past been late in preparing for Christmas and has run around looking for appropriate gifts on the actual day! He writes on the blog, The Roman Catholic.

Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/?expert=James_Pereira