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Anchor Baby Solution

The illegal immigration problem in the United States of America and the 60 percent of the illegal aliens coming from Mexico has sparked chaos in controversy throughout our lands. We must do something to correct this abuse otherwise there will be an economic fallout that we would prefer not to have.

So far over 80 hospitals in California alone have closed due to pregnant illegal aliens coming into the US and having kids in the country, which become anchor babies and therefore the mother must stay in the country to support the new baby who is now an American citizens simply because they were born in United States of America.

I have a solution to this problem and I'm so glad that you asked. I propose that when an illegal aliens shows up at a hospital to deliver their baby that we escort them to the parking lot behind a hospital where a tent will be setup can run by the Catholic Church.

The Catholic Church may then if they wish to volunteer deliver that baby and comfort the mother for three hours. Then clothe the baby at their expense, as discussed in the Da Vinci Code and hand it back to it's mother and put her on an INS or Border Patrol Bus that is bound back for Mexico.

This whole process should take only a few hours and we also need to change the constitutional reading that states that all persons born in America you are automatically an American citizens because it is quite obvious that this rule is being quite abused. And although well-intentioned we cannot afford this abuse any longer. Consider this in 2006 and stop calling me a raciest it is my taxpayers money you are stealing here.

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