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All About Child Baptism

In the modern sense of the word, baptism is a Christian ritual or sacrament stating the cleansing of sins or other religious impurities. Following baptism, Christian believers are greeted into the Church body as sacred members. Most baptism events involve the use of water, even though different Christian denominations have various methods of baptizing congregants. Some clergymen would intersperse the water over a baby, while others favor to fully submerge an adult person in a body of water.

The idea of baptism in fact predates Christianity. The Greek word for baptism has no holy connotations at all. To the Greeks, induction explained a submersion or dipping, in the sense of a dipping ship or a part of cloth being submerged in dye. There is one more Greek word, around spelled raptizo that is said to signify sprinkling or pouring. This difference between baptizo and raptizo does have some manner on the new Christian ritual of baptism.

Some of the sects within Judaism as well experienced a form of baptism before the entrance of Jesus Christ. The necessary concept of purifying one's religious body is same to the modern Christian rite, but it was also extremely unlike in its intent. When John the Baptist started to perform his own baptism ceremonies, it was in unity with the obtainable Jewish practice. When Jesus Christ came at the Jordan River for His own baptism, John the Baptist documented the difference between his own mainly representative ceremony and the future baptism by the Holy Trinity of the Father, Son and Holy Ghost.

As Christianity started gaining popularity, the sacrament of baby baptism became a very important element in the Catholic Church. During a baby baptism, an intended priest showers a few drops of sacred water over the child's head or places a few drops on his or her forehead. The baby baptism rite is accompanied by precise readings of Scripture, along with rejoinders between the priest, parents and congregation. Baptism of a baby is supposed to set up a bond between the child and God, leading to a blessed life as a new creature. The ritual of baptism, in spite of of the form it takes, is a touchable act of repentance which frequently offers the beneficiary with a sense of renewed purpose and dedication.

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