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Museum of African American History in Detroit

Detroit is a city rich in history and art. If you are visiting Detroit it would be a shame if you did not take some of this history and art in. One place in particular that you should add to your list is the Charles H Wright Museum of African American History. Keep reading and learn about this wonderful museum in Detroit.

The Charles H Wright Museum was founded in 1965 and it was formed to explore the diverse history and culture of African Americans. Detroit used to be an important stop in the underground railroad which helped thousands of slaves escape to freedom in Canada. The museum will teach you about this as well as African American roots and civil rights struggles. It will do this through the use of several different exhibits. For example there is "And still we rise." This exhibit explores the journey of African Americans. It begins in Africa by teaching you about early civilizations on the African continent. It then tells the story of the slave trade and the trip across the Atlantic. Finally it tells the story of how many escaped through the use of the underground railroad and how many local African Americans fought to build there lives in Detroit. Starting families, business', churches and other civic organizations. This is just the beginning of the exhibits however. There ar many more both permanent and temporary in nature. The museum has no shortage of information to share and you will find it well worth the trip.

If you would like to go to the Charles H Wright Museum while you are in Detroit, Michigan you can find it at 315 E. Warren Avenue. For more information or to check on current hours and special events you can call the information line at 313-494-5800. Have fun taking in a little history.

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