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Catholic Church Urging Illegal Mexican Immigration

The Catholic Churches in Mexico City are urging their herds to send able bodied men to the United States to work. They tell parishioners that by going to the United States they can work and better feed their families. And of course telling them to send lots of money back home so those remaining family members can pay the healthy tithing that the Catholic Church so desires. Many young Mexican men are taking the option seriously and coming to the United States, as MS-13 Gang Members who can make big money selling drugs and stealing. By sending coming to the United States to steal and sell drugs they can send lost of money back to their families to keep them in good standing with the Church. The Church of course has a policy of forgiveness and does not ask where the money comes from. Additionally they do not care the cost that this generates in jails, rehabilitation or enforcement for the Average Catholic American.

The Catholic Church is also often assisting the placement of these illegal aliens into legal jobs other than crime in cities where rich American Parishioners are in need of slave type labor for house cleaning and menial tasks. New entire Mexican Immigrant populations are springing up in order to serve the needs of Americans, as they can fill farm, construction and domestic jobs. The United States Government is aware of this, yet there is no oversight as to who is legit and who is not and the Catholic Church is somewhat off limits to prosecution. Many states like Maine, Rhode Island, Pennsylvania, Massachusetts and Connecticut which are late comers to the massive influx of Hispanic Illegal Aliens are starting to take notice. The demographic shift is significant and you can see it with merely one visit to a Wal-Mart store and look at the shoppers.

If Mexico gets a large natural disaster like the 1985 Earthquake or a major eruption of their Popocatepetl Volcano, we may see much of Mexico Cities population embark on the short journey to the United States border for jobs and refuge. The number could be as many as 15 million in a very short amount of time. The Popocatepetl Volcano south of Mexico City did erupt ever so slightly again and it serves as a reminder of what lays ahead.

In some New York City areas and many parts of Florida, where Cuban and Puerto Rican communities are historically the demographic, now Mexican Illegal Aliens are moving in and reproducing at a rate of 3:1, which concerns some of the older populations. Previously most Mexican immigrants had arrived and worked in California, Arizona and Texas, but today they occupy almost every state in ever increasing numbers. Although no one knows for sure how many are coming across our borders it appears to be in the range of 1 million per year or more. We need not look further than the Catholic Church for this wonderful gift of labor to our nation, as we in turn help the church with new tithing dollars to grow stronger, so they can continue to sexually molest our children.

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