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Building a Church Fundraising Calendar

A fundraising calendar is a phenomenal way to make your congregants aware of all your yearly events. The concept here is to build a fun easy to read yearly calendar that lists all of your church events.

Your fundraising calendar needs to have information on your church events as well as local community events. This will serve two functions. First, you as a fundraising and event coordinator will know and ensure that your church events do not conflict with local events. Secondly, your congregation will be able to plan and choose which events they wish to attend.

Certain critical information must be included on your fundraising calendar. For each church event you list on your fundraising calendar you must include corresponding financial information. List out how much money you need for the event and then update your donations as money comes in.

For example if you are planning a youth event that will cost each participant $250 list out that this is the cost per youth. Then list that you have 10 youth that are planning to attend. This means that you are in need of $2500. Then as donations come in update your total. When your congregation looks at the calendar they will be able to identify where you are well funded and where you are still lacking.

Also critical to your fundraising calendar is a list of when all your meetings will be. This gives the opportunity for givers to ask for information as well as showing that you are well organized and planning for the entire year.

Your fundraising calendar can be placed on a bulletin board in a central meeting place such as a fellowship hall or entrance. Make sure that all your congregationsí members have easy access to and ample opportunity to read your fundraising calendar.

A final tip to make your fundraising calendar a complete success is to announce it on a regular basis. Make sure your congregation knows that it is out there.

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