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Faith Healing and the Catholic Church - Narrative Part 2 of 5

NARRATIVE (Continued from part 1)

It was relatively a short time after we lost our son that Norvel Hayes came to speak at our local FGBMFI. He showed me through his teaching that I could look at a verse and still miss something quite obvious. He was teaching on Matthew 15 where the Canaanite woman is first ignored by Jesus and then later Jesus grants her what she wanted. Norvel rhetorically asked how her second approach was different from her earlier approach and I could not see it. He had to point out the very word before I got it.

This Scripture will be discussed later in this document but for now I am just relating that I then realized how important a teacher is. While I was just reading the Scripture on my own, I was somehow blinded from the clear teaching of what I was reading. It was only when the teacher pointed out the critical element was I able to see what was hidden in plain sight.

Norvel was not doing any tricky interpretation nor any out of context misuse of Scripture. All Scripture references were clear primary meanings taken in obvious context. All of the teaching was based on the concept that if the Bible said it then it was true. It then went the next step and said that if Scripture contradicts reality and you continuously affirm Scripture, that contradiction goes away by reality changing to conform to the Word of God.

Norvel got me thinking more and more about the faith teaching. He was good friends with Kenneth Hagin. Norvel related how that Ken was healed of incurable blood disease as a young Baptist boy by acting on Mark 11:23 and 24. I obtained many books and tapes by Ken Hagin and studied them with my open Bible. Ken even said that if you believe this because I say it, it won't work. You have to believe it because the Bible says it. I assured myself that the teaching was 100 percent in line with Scripture and I developed my belief system based solely on Scripture even though it took teachers to show it to me in Scripture.

(continued in part 3 of 5)

This is part of a FREE 23 page document, Faith Healing Consistent with the Catechism of the Catholic Church, which can be found in the Cooperation Among Christian Denominations section of the Independent Christian website.

The document does not speak for the Catholic Church but the Catechism of the Catholic Church (CCC) does. The CCC is quoted and the footnotes are followed where they are often linked to Scripture. It is suggested that the reader have available both the CCC and his/her Bible and see whether the representations are correct.

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