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Catholic View: Examining The Influence of Feminism

Feminist movement often portrays the Catholic Church along with other conservative churches as being discriminating against women. Their reasoning is based in most part that in the Catholic Church women are limited to how they can participate in church life in terms of ministry ad hierarchy. But what about the feminists? Do they discriminate against anyone? A closer look may surprise you.

While our reflection is based somewhat from a Catholic prospective, many Christians may also relate to this article as well.

In the Gospel of Saint Matthew, in chapter 28 verse 19, we can find the final command that Jesus gave to his disciples:

Go therefore and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit
It is in light of this command that this article will examine feminist movement, since this command had become a way to begin and close prayers, work, worship. Communities that are influenced by feminists can go as far as changing this command of Jesus to something like this: "In the name of the Creator, and of Jesus Christ, and of the Holy Ghost", with an attempt to eliminate any "masculine/male" characteristic of this formula. In doing so they immediately declare that the Holy Scripture as we know it is not correct and should be rewritten to fit better their agenda. But also within this one change lies discrimination not only against man but women as well. If they were to be true to their conviction the above formula should be changed to "in the name of the Mother, and of the Daughter, and of the Holy Ghost". But probably they themselves believe this would take them a little to far. So why is it a discrimination to say "in the name of the Creator", beside being a modern day heresy? The scholars in the Holy Scripture would testify that God revealing his word utilized not only man's ability to write but also man's ability to understand.

The above formula is to represent what many Christians believe to be Holy Trinity. The dynamic, the essence, the driving force withing Holy Trinity is love. We as humans understand and relate to love from our life experiences. While it is true that in the modern western society meaning of "fatherly love" diminished due to very high rate of divorce, and many children growing up not only do not experience "fatherly love" they do not know their fathers at all. Nevertheless many of children today that are growing without fathers still have an "image" of how a father could have been. They have an idea of father, they have idea of a "fatherly love". And even though some priest or ministers may find it difficult to preach these days of God's love in terms of fatherly love, they should remember that they still have a chance to reach out to people because their idea of "loving father" may match the idea of loving God.

Now going back to the feminists. By replacing the word "Father" with "Creator" they cancel out not only the truth about Holy Scripture but they also discriminate against so many good fathers of our time. They discriminate against children as well, children who have no problem to relate to their own fathers when they hear of God as of a "Loving Heavenly Father"

Eugenia Brown is a writer for Everything Catholic!- website that promotes products from Ingatius Press, a Catholic Publisher. There you can find books and literature on variety of topics including Women in the Church.

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