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Walking with the Holy Spirit

Life can be pretty simple when you get each day's instructions off the Holy Spirit. Like:

When to go down town,
who to speak to,
what to say,
what not to say.
Like where to go,
When to leave,
Where to go next,
Who to speak to.
And what to say.

The Holy Spirit is all knowing and when you take directions off the Holy Spirit it can lead to many divine encounters during your day. The Holy Spirit knows what He wants you to say to certain people and will prompt you to say it. The Holy Spirit will also prompt you not to say certain things in conversation and this is meant to be obeyed.

In times past I have said the things that I wasn't to say and saw a person hurt by what I said. In times past I didn't always say what the Holy Spirit was prompting me to say, but now with the known success that I have had when I did say it, I am more encouraged to say what He wants.

It is such an honour to walk with the Holy Spirit and so profitable.

At night as I go to sleep I chat with the Father, and it is the Holt Spirit that brings the Father's voice to me. During the coarse of my day I talk to Jesus and it is the Holy Spirit that brings His voice to me. The Holy Spirit brings me much comfort and directs me really well.

I encourage all readers this coming year to draw closer to the Holt Spirit and start to walk in the Holy Spirit.

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