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Catholic Church VS Islamic International Terrorists

So many things have been caused thru the miss use of religion. In fact in the news lately is evidence of such. We have Catholic Priests boning little boys and Islamic Clerics who assist in recruiting international terrorists and spur on suicide bombers? One often has to ask what is the world coming too and why do we need these religions in the first place?

If the heavenly father is watching over the pope why does he need a bulletproof car; the Kevlar coated pope mobile? If the Clerics really believe in their cause, why don’t they go blow them selves up? Then they would be all gone and the problem would be solved; similar to the survival of the fittest and annual Darwin Awards? So, I ask you what is with all those get-ups and costumes of the Catholic Church, they sure look silly, like something out of a really bad “B” movie, that went straight to video and bombed at the box office? How about these Clerics telling down syndrome kids to strap bombs to themselves and do it for Allah? Obviously they are running out of people that they can convince of such things pretty fast in that part of the world. It is sickening indeed that anyone could ever stoop that low.

We have the Catholic Priests screwing little kids and alter boys; then denying it. We have the Church itself harboring child molesting fugitives while we hunt down the child molesters in our own civilization? What makes it okay for the church to do this? We have the former Ayatollah in Iran telling his people it is okay to make love to a chicken as long as you do not eat it or allow your neighbor to eat it? In this day and age of bird flu that just is not right. How can any religious person tell their followers it is okay to screw a bird; one we eat as food? Gross. Maybe we should just ditch all the world’s religions? It would make the world a much safer place.

So, I must ask which is worse the hijacking of religion by the Islamic Radical Clerics or the Catholic Church screwing our children. Remind me again why these groups are so important for mankind? Tell me again exactly how this helps the world? Please, oh dear god almighty with all your naked virgins and holy ghosts and goblins; oh lord, please tell me how this helps the forward progression of mankind and the future destiny of this species? Inquiring minds want to know? I would certainly like to hear your explanation for such behavior in these groups?

This ought to be one hell of a tall tale, even better than those literary works you put out as truth, which are completely filled with rhythm and meaningless dribble open for interpretation of the widest possible span of the imagination; stories about nothing, something or everything; all at the same time?

Since when is it okay to molest kids? Since when is it okay to strap a bomb to yourself and kill innocent people for Allaah? What so you can get 72 Virgin women? What happens after you have had them all once; after that 72-day period? They will not be virgins anymore? Has any suicide bomber ever asked the question or are just they blithering idiots like the brain dead morons who molest little kids for in the name of the Catholic Church? Oh noble one, please; do tell? So the question for you today is; and it is a serious question. Which is worse; which came first and who screwed the chicken where they laid their eggs? Religion has served its usefulness for mankind, we must put an end to this BS if we are to progress as a nation, a world and as a species. Enough is enough already. Think on this.

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