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Catholic Religion » Euthanasia And The Catholic Religion

Euthanasia - Is It Right To Aid Peoples Deaths?

Should euthanasia be legal or not? There are many different views on this topic. The answer is- there is no correct answer, and there are so many different situations and individuals involved that it hard to paint the issue with one big brush!

Arguing against euthanasia, you could say that rather than killing people, increased amounts of money and focus should be concentrated on providing palliative care; this in theory should render euthanasia unnecessary. They argue that life is valuable and some people would ďkillĒ to have that extra year that the person would have survived had they not committed themselves to death. They argue that by legalising euthanasia, society is accepting that it is okay to kill people, and it becomes a socially acceptable thing to happen and devalues human life, furthermore, they fear that it may lead to involuntary euthanasia being introduced in the near future. God fearing people also argue that it is against the will of god, that god should choose when somebody comes into the world and should also be when somebody should die.

The euthanasia enthusiasts argue that people should respect the person in question and therefore if they would like to be assisted in suicide because they cannot do it themselves, then people should respect their views and therefore assist in their death! Should people not have the choice of what to do with their lives, they have the choice of how they live their life, surely they should have a choice on how to end it. Often it appears to be the merciful thing to do, rather than making somebody suffer over a prolonged period of time until the end!

This will always be a deeply controversial topic and be fiercely debated between the religious zealots and the anti-euthanasia campaigners against the euthanasia enthusiasts. I believe that euthanasia should be legalised as long as it is strictly regulated. I believe that it is unnecessary to make people suffer until the end; we should respect their choices and aid them, when they canít do it themselves! What our governments decide, we shall not know. Letís only hope they make the correct decision whichever that may be!

Victor Lensora - Owner of the New, Controversial Blog that has been causing a stir with its unusual and often controversial takes on life. Itís a must to read: http://controversial-times.blogspot.com/

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