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Spirituality and Symbols

It appears that every belief has symbols attached to it and it seems the human mind likes to use symbols, almost as Nations like to use Flags, animals and symbols to describe their domain; for instance a National Bird or a National Flag is very common. In religion and spirituality symbols are also used quite a bit.

In considering this lets think on a few symbols used in religion such as the Star of David or the Christian Cross. Now then the cross used in Christianity is an interesting symbol to want to use, because, well what if Jesus was executed by hanging, would we have the noose as our religious symbol today? That is a scary thought and it brings up an interesting point.

If the Romans used the cross to kill Jesus with, why would that be a religious symbol for Christians? If Christ lived in the day of the Guillotine and was executed that way, would Christians use that as the symbol of their faith?

It seems someone has played a very bad trick on the Christians in that they are now celebrating the cross, which was used to kill Jesus and celebrating his death as “Good Friday” and I have to ask since when is it good that the man you worship was killed?

Now then, I know the answer in that Jesus died on the cross for our sins? But I was not even alive back then, so why did he do it? Or is that explanation just a trick to get everyone to celebrate his death and use the symbol of the execution apparatus as their sign of faith? If Jesus ever came back he might be a little upset at all this stuff.

Anyway, I am sure all the biblical scholars will jump all over me for this, but none of them has ever come up with a logical answer that makes sense as to why Christians celebrate an execution apparatus of the death of their religious leader. Nevertheless, for those who are without such religions and more spiritual it is an interesting conversation, even if such discussion could be considered taboo. Consider this in 2006.

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