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The Connection Between Birth Control And Hair Loss

Most people are surprised when they find out that there is a connection between birth control and hair loss. If you are using birth control or if you are suffering from a form of hair loss then you should definitely read on to determine whether or not the connection between birth control and hair loss applies to you.

More On Birth Control Pill And Hair Loss

The biggest topic that comes up with the issue birth control and hair loss is that of hormones. When a woman is taking birth control pills and hair loss occurs, numerous different hormones are flying around in her body which in some cases cause hair loss.

Research has been done to show the connection between birth control and hair loss Estrogen has been used by these researchers, which is one main ingredients in the oral contraceptives used today, and they have found that extension of hair growth is a prominent side effect of this ingredient.

Although this may sound like a good thing it actually is not. It causes the hair to reach it's resting phase and fall out more quickly, this is at least for a period of time, of which is approximately three to four months after the woman begins taking the pills.

This type of hair loss is not that common and does not last long, so if you are woman who is taking or considering taking these form of contraceptives and you are worried about the hair loss then you should have nothing really to worry about.

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Hair Loss can also occur after child birth due to the stress the body has to go through and the sudden dramatic change in hormone levels. Read more on Hair Loss After Pregnancy

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