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Do We Need A Pope; The Radical Islamic Fundamentalists International Terrorists Say Nope!

The Catholic Church has a long tradition of its popes and religious ceremonies. Unfortunately there seems to be a clash of civilization and of world religions and it is reaching far and wide. It is rather troubling that the gap is widening between world religions rather than coming together in a common cause for all humanity.

The human species has a long written and recorded past of conflicts over world religions and it seems it would be better if this could stop in the present period, but will it or will it lead to World War III? The choice of course is up to the various world religions and it would be good for the human race if they made the right choice.

It is truly a tough situation when words are taken out of context from the leader of one world religion and then the barrier of language is introduced along with the differences in culture and then it is blown out of proportion by mass media hysteria around the world. Why can't the human race just get along and why should we allow world religions to foster and ignite a world war?

It is rather obvious that some dialogue needs to be opened prior to the forthcoming events in our world. It would be nice if all world religion would cease to exist and people could concentrate on getting along together and uniting in a common cause for all humanity. Unfortunately this does not look like it will be happening anytime soon and thus we are doomed to repeat once again. Please consider all this in 2006.

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