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Catholic Religion Trivia » Differences Between Catholic And Protestant Religions

Pre-Marital Counseling

O.K. you have fallen in love and gladly accepted his wedding proposal. You are "on top of the world" telling everyone you see about your engagment, reading dozens of bride magazines, and considering some future dates for that "important day". Congratulations!! Making wedding plans are wonderful, but have you given any thought to pre-marital counseling?

Some couples think that they know each other well enough, as they have lived together for months and they don't need any pre-marital counseling. Maybe they are right and maybe they are wrong. Some religions require counseling before they are allowed to get married.

For example, the Catholic Church requires counseling before the couple can get married. If both members are Catholic they are required to attend classes, which are called pre-Cana and usually last about four months. If one member is non-Catholic the engaged couple are required to attend a weekend encounter, which is similar to a retreat. The couple has to attend group sessions, then they have some time alone to work out any problems. This takes quite a few months. so don't plan on getting married quickly in several months. If you do, you'll be disappointed.

Some Protestant ministers may require pre-marital counseling before they will marry the couple. The average time is about four meetings.

Some couples don't want counseling from a religious clergyman. For these couples there are many self-help books which the couple can work through on their own. There are secular counselors which will work with an engaged couple, but their fees are a bit high! There might be some information on the internet which would help you,also.

Before getting married discuss with your spouse your future dreams, and any other concerns you might have ~ rent or buy house? both continue working? how many children? travel? visit parents daily, weekly? how to spend the money ~ who pays what bill? Savings? Stock? One car or two? SUV or truck?

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