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Is Mary a Liar? About Supposed Apparitions by the Virgin Mary Socalled

Reading on the web about so-called apparitions by the virgin Mary, I found out that very many predictions have not come true, particularly those supposedly made to pope John XXIII. Certainly the dates are mostly wrong. Now in the Old Testament if a prophet were wrong about anything, no matter how slight the detail, then in accordance with the Law he had to be put to death. As a lying spirit obviously had spoken through him or her and that meant that God's holy Name had been put to shame.

Some Roman catholics lull themselves asleep by stating that there should be no hysteria about dates. 'The dates are uncertain, the chastisements are certain'. I conclude that these apparitions are manifestations by fallen female angels. All to bind catholics even more to superstition and idolatry.

I know that many catholics are told that venerating or reverencing an icon is allowed, but that adoration and worship is reserved for God the Father and God the Son. But this kind of theoretical difference only serves to bind them to the service of icons, idols and supposed saints of every kind. The deceit (read: being deceived) and superstition of Roman catholics is almost legendary.

Now lest you think I am some kind of antipapist, let me try to explain a little bit where I am coming from. I am convinced that everywhere where the bible is opened and God is being called upon, there the Holy Spirit is working. Every (local) church, whether Roman catholic, protestant, evangelical or otherwise, therefore is being enlightened by God. And with all our drawbacks, every church and believer has his or her foibles and fortes. I hope to learn from you and I wish you seek the same in me.

In the eyes of a catholic I must appear a protestant. But I do not like that name at all. It is a negative name. We should be living examples, rather than protesting and accusing people. It is my understanding that the Roman catholic church is sketched and predicted in John's epistle to Thyatira. And I am very glad that is said there by the Lord that her works in the end will exceed those of the beginning. Of Ephesus, christendom at the beginning, rather the opposite is being said. Though I definitely do not believe that Rome (or the vatican) is the whore of Revelation (some conservative catholics do consider her a whore), I do identify her with the Jezebel of Thyatira. Who the whore of the apocalypse will be, called the mother of all whores, remains a mystery. And the bible precisely calls her a mystery, that is a secret hidden from us.

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