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Time to Pull the Plug and Drain Religion from the Tub!

If there was ever a time when we needed the Tidy Bowl Man, well now is the time. Why you ask would we discuss the Tidy Bowl Man in an intellectual talk? Well it is quite simple really, you see it is time to flush religion down the drain. That is to say lets discuss a new plan for the human species without religion shall we? Let us talk about; How to pull the Plug and Drain Religion from the Tub!

It was once said about the United States Government that the size and scope of the government should be set up so if it got out of hand that it could be drowned in the bath tub. Well, this is where World Religion is today. You see it has gotten out of hand and now we have people committing violent acts against innocent free societies and innocent women and children all in the name of religion.

Most people agree that religion and belief in a religion is a personal thing and freedom to practice a certain religion should be allowed. Sure why not right? People should be allowed to adopt concepts into their belief systems to help them thru their life experience and yet when they choose to use their religions for violence then it really makes no sense to allow it to continue.

If they world wishes to clash and fight over religion and have wars and kill others and die a noble and glorious death for their religion then why not simply delete religion from the human record? Who needs it? If the clash is causing World War Three then why not pull the plug and drain World religion from the tub?

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