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Bolivia and Humanitarian Issues

Bolivia has some very poor people who need medical attention, education and assistance too. Many who have volunteered in the past for medical missions there say that there are so many simple things that can be done. I totally agree that there are simple things that people can do, but simply do not know. The slums are a huge issue.

In Bolivia the people move to the city, when they live on excellent land with great top soil. Some scholars say that it is easier for the government to feed them and take care of them better due to economies of scale and resources. However, if they were taught how to farm and everything grows in Bolivia, then they would not need to be fed.

Of course now many of the rivers in Bolivia are contaminated with raw sewage so, it is difficult for them. That is also often an upstream problem from the cities and larger areas where people accumulate. Interestingly enough the previous solutions are now causing unanticipated, unintended consequences and problems. It is pretty linear, their answers to the challenges they face and terrifying what those end up causing in the future.

Bolivia seems to be torn between realities and promises, namely, the reality of freedom and free markets and the lure of communism and the promises of communistic leaders of nearby nations. Bolivia is land locked and therefore has some additional challenges and hurdles, while it deals with issues of conflicts between rich and poor and Amerindian and city born Bolivian Citizens.

Although Bolivia today has many options, the straddling of the fence is making it tough to receive aid and remain on the World's good list, as it makes decisions now which will affect it for decades to come.

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