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Islamic Judge Says Christian Convert Mentally Insane

An Islamic man who converted to Christianity is called insane by judge. Wow, good PR move by the Muslims? Simply say the guy is insane, let him go, people in Christian World are happy and the Muslim followers now know that only an insane person would leave the Muslim Faith for Christianity? Do I see a pattern here? Wake up all you religious lunatics on all sides? Religion is the problem with the world. All of you are insane. A reply to this comment was greeted by Hector who stated;

“Lance I will mostly agree although I think it is the organized religion part that is dangerous because you have large groups of "true believers" all lined up ready to go and their is always someone ready to exploit that.

But Amy of course sees it much different and Amy says; “Actually the penalty for rebuking Islam is beheading..... And anyone who leaves Islam for Christianity IS crazy”

Indeed they were going to cut this guys head off, so really which is more insane; religion or this Christian Convert? Oh my God? You have to be kidding me. If you do not belong you are outcaste. If you convert they kill you. And this is somehow acceptable? Proper with human rights; of course in Catholicism they molest little kids sometimes? Why not just get rid of all religion completely? All religion should go, it is nothing more than mass hallucination and mind enslavement? Consider mass extinction of mass hallucinatory religions; all of them. Think on this in 2006.

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