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Acne Myths - 3 Common Acne Myths Debunked!

Do you know which three major acne myths have been debunked? The good news for acne sufferers is that the most common acne myths have now been exposed. We've all heard various myths about acne at some point and perhaps wondered if any of them were true. However, you should know which acne myths have been debunked and are no longer seriously considered the cause of this skin disorder.

Acne Myth #1

It is a myth that people get acne because they don't wash often enough or scrub hard enough. The truth is that over-washing and/or hard scrubbing can be harmful to your skin. Don't ever scrub your face harshly. It will only irritate your skin and may even cause scarring!

Acne Myth #2

Another acne myth is that stress causes acne. While it is generally accepted that high stress levels are not good for you, there is no conclusive evidence that it causes your skin to breakout.

Acne Myth #3

Eating rich oily foods, soft drinks, chocolate, and many other foods cause acne. This may very well be the most popular acne myth of all. The truth is that experts have not found a link between acne sufferers and their diets.

There will always be myths surrounding the cause of most disorders and acne is no exception. Hopefully this article has helped dispel a few of these acne myths from your mind and further separated fact from fantasy regarding what causes acne. Many other acne myths are sure to be exposed in due time. For now at least, there are three less acne myths to deal with on your journey to understanding how to have the clear complexion we all so greatly desire.

Dan Wright has published The Acne Help Pages, an extensive resource of information on acne, its causes and treatments at Acne-Help-Page.com.

Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/?expert=Daniel_Wright