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Why To Blame Astrology

I find it really funny when somebody just wishes to dump astrology without having any rationale behind their conclusions. How can you dump a thing unless you make a thorough study of it and give valid reasons for your conclusions?

Well, I certainly believe in the science of astrology. And this does not mean that I adore astrology as if it is all in all in my life. For, I very well know that stars only impel, they do not compel.

The common question proposed by the school against astrology is- Do stars create your destiny? The answer to this question is- Yes and No. For, the answer depends upon the circumstances and many other variable factors.

In reality, you are the creator of your destiny, not the victim. Have a deep thought. Your inner world and the outer world are absolutely interconnected. Let there be no doubt about it. If you are unable to understand this aspect, don't blame one and all for your ignorance.

Why persons born on the same day will not have identical future? Why, please investigate and find out. Don't blame astrology for that.

Astrology influences your works in a varied way. Just because you are unable to understand these subtle movements, these finer vibrations, don't again blame astrology. If at all, make sincere efforts to understand them.

The science of astrology was drafted by the ancient sages. These sages are the Realized Souls who have crossed the mind barrier. Once they reach there, they can speak nothing but truth. All your quarrels, differences of opinion are mind-level creations. How the science of astrology as perfected by them can give you wrong conclusions?

Understand astrology. If you can properly do this, you can as well realize how accurate could be the predictions.

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