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The Importance Of Prioritising Values

Previously we have discussed Values conflict in terms of external and internal values and how this may lead to “hypocritical” behaviours.

In this article we look at conflicting priorities in our values.

Because you hold many values, at times some of them will be in conflict with others.

For example, let’s say as a leader you identify a new technology that can increase your department’s productivity, but it will also lead to some layoffs. In your decision process, you are likely to weigh such values as productivity and profitability against say, loyalty, security, and respect for employees’ family needs.

Another example - as a parent you take your kids to a theme park to have some family time and fun. Both are high on your personal family values list. The kids want to go on the Death Drop! You rediscover that you have a high priority value around their safety which is now to be weighed up against your fun value.

These kinds of conflict cannot be avoided. You can also see from these two examples that values are very environmentally specific.

It is important to achieve a greater understanding of your values priorities in each of the key areas of your life, so that you are better able to resolve the inevitable conflicts when and as they arise.

A coach can assist you at an individual level to go through the process of eliciting your values and facilitate you to make key decisions based on these. This simple - but in depth - process takes a few hours of private one-one coaching time.

Liz Cassidy, founder of Third Sigma International is an author, Facilitator, Trainer and Executive Coach and is passionate about facilitating results in the businesses, professional and personal lives of her clients. For more information http://www.thirdsigma.com.au

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