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Investing in Latin American Art

If you want to make millions in the Latin American art market just buy a great and well known contemporary piece of art from an established artist and sit on it for 500 years! Well, that is one method and hey, it might work. But there are a number of Latin American artists around now whose work is still very reasonably priced and could very well appreciate rapidly over the next few years. There is Jose Bedia, Francisco Toledo, Tomas Sanchez, Claudio Bravo, De Szyszlo, Ana Mercedes Hoyos or even Fernando Botero just to name a few.

Yes, strange though it may seem you can still get a very well priced Botero if you look around carefully. In Colombia there are a number of companies and dealers who will do so for you. So if you are a serious investor you may well still be able to take advantage of international conditions and the internet.

If you had purchased a simple Botero drawing just a decade ago it could probably fetch up to 10 times its value within those 10 years. Again, I believe that there are many artists who could still fit into that category today - but you do have to do your homework and investigate each potential Latin American artist who falls into this category. How if you decide you would like to invest in Latin American Art I suggest the best place to start is Sothebys or Christies Latin American Art auction portfolios. Another place to get transparent price information is at ArtPrice.

After you have done your homework, I also suggest that you ensure that the Latin American Art you wish to invest in is to your liking! Now that may come as a surprise to some of you but I can guarantee you that you donīt sit and look at your time deposit certificates the way you would your art investment! So like what you buy and buy what you like.

Meet some of the up-and-coming Latin American art & artists promoted at http://www.artcolombia.com or contact them if you are looking for a particular piece of work or Latin American Art from a Colombian artist.

John McMenemy is a respected Latin American art dealer who works internationally and is based in Bogota, Colombia.

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