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How to Name a Child

Finding the perfect name for a child can be a tough task. Name can be important part of people’s culture, family identity and personnel identity. So how do you go about naming a child? Here are the top baby names and names and meanings.

Boys' Names

Jacob - ORIGIN Hebrew MEANING Held by the heel.

Ethan - ORIGIN Hebrew MEANING Strong, firm.

Ryan - Orgin Celtic Meaning Little ruler.

Aidan - ORIGIN Celtic MEANING Fire

Matthew - ORIGIN Hebrew MEANING Gift from God.

Michael - ORIGIN Hebrew MEANING Who is like God.

Joshua - ORIGIN Hebrew MEANING Lord is salvation.

Nicholas -ORIGIN Greek MEANING Victory of the people.

Connor - ORIGIN Irish MEANING Wolf-lover.

Tyler – Origin English Meaning maker of bricks or tiles.

Girl's names

Emma - Origin German Meaning Derived from Germanic ermen meaning "whole" or "universal".

Madison - ORIGIN English MEANING From the surname which means son of Maud.

Emily - ORIGIN German MEANING Industrious.

Kaitlyn - ORIGIN English MEANING Modern phonetic form of the name Caitlin.

Hailey - ORIGIN English MEANING Field of hay. Usually a surname.

Olivia - ORIGIN English MEANING Field of hay. Usually a surname.

Isabella - ORIGIN Italian MEANING Form of Isabel. Devoted to God.

Hannah - ORIGIN Hebrew MEANING Grace of God.

Abigail - ORIGIN Hebrew MEANING Father rejoiced, or father's joy. Gives joy. The intelligent, beautiful Abigail was Old Testament King David's third wife, described as 'good in discretion and beautiful in form.' In the 1916 play The Scornful Lady, Abigail was a lady's maid.

Sarah - ORIGIN Hebrew MEANING Princess.

You might not want to choose such popular names though! You may want to do some research into the names and meanings of your names - before you choose your name!

Alan Murray runs his own baby names site http://www.top-100-baby-names.name with meaning of name as well. http://www.top-100-baby-names.name/Names-And-Their-Meanings.htm

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