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Natural Origins Resources, Skin Care Outside And Inside

Introduced by Estée Lauder in 1990, the Origins Natural Resources is the very first major brand that have sought to address the total well-being of a person through a collection of products that go beyond the usual. Among the products in the line are Basic Skin Care, Bath and Body Care, Hair Care, and Sensory Therapy.

Every part of the Origins Natural Resources collection is made from natural ingredients that have been time-tested and perfected. Plants extracts, minerals, and earth and sea substances are just some of its ingredients that have undergone rigorous scientific research.

What is also good with the Origins Natural Resources collection is the fact that it does not have any color or fragrance to its products. Everything is all natural and formulated just for the specific purpose for which it was created. There are no add ons or additionals.

This is good news indeed for people who are very sensitive and particular with the products that they use on their skin. With the pure and all natural ingredients that it uses on its line, the Origins Natural Resources was a big hit to all members of the family, even the children.

This is one of the core values of the Origins when it was created. Its formulation is so unique and mild that it can be used by anybody, everybody, any gender, age, culture and even economic status (although of course, the product line can be expensive.).

The line rides on the inherent qualities: healthy, multi-sensory and experiential, fun and comfortable. This is one product that combines functionality with the fun side.

One unique feature of the Origins Natural Resources collection is the inclusiom of a guide that will help clients use the products. The Guidebook contains information about the products. This, Estee Lauder believes will encourage the customers to have confidence in using the products on their own, using their own formulation. This is because the products are not only committed in building beauty on the outside but also on the inside.

Another advantage of the Origins Natural Resources product line is the fact that it advocates the preservation of the earth, animals and the environment.

Among the products in the line that have enjoyed considerable following are the Salt Rub™ Smoothing body scrub; A Perfect World ™ White tea skin guardian, Never a Dull Moment™ Skin-brightening face polisher, Night-A-Mins® Mineral-Enriched moisture cream/lotion, and the Have a Nice Day™ Super-charged moisture cream/lotion SPF 15.

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