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Medieval II - Total War Expansion Pack Announced

This is a review of the new expansion pack for Medieval II Total War which came from the upbeat review given by Gamespot.com.

Sega released Medieval II Total War around four months ago which is the newest game in the Medieval series. The object of the game is to gain control of Europe during the time of the middle ages through the use of massive battles using individually control soldiers.

Medieval II Total War gained many positive reviews including the assessment from Gamespot where the original article resides. Medieval II Total War War earned sales comparable to the smash hits The Sims 2 and World of Warcraft.

On Tuesday April 3rd Sega announced the first expansion pack for Medieval II Total War, Medieval II Total War Kingdoms which will append the original game with four new single player campaigns including:

"--The Americas, which casts players as Spanish conquistador Hernán Cortés or the Aztec and other indigenous peoples who resisted his ruthless conquest of Mexico.

--The Teutonic Wars, which saw Christians and pagan tribes clash violently in Northern Europe.

--Britannia, which sees five factions fight for control of the British Isles.

--An expanded Crusades Campaign, which sees new opponents enter the infamous series of Christian-versus-Saracen conflicts."

Beside the single player campaigns, Medieval II Total War Kingdoms has six new multilayer campaigns and 20 new custom battle maps to play with. It also has thirteen new political factions and 150 plus units as well to add to the existingly large world of Medieval II Total War.

The expansion pack should prove to add to the already smash hit Medieval II Total War, the expansion pack is due to be release to Europe and the US this Fall.

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