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A Quick Guide to William Shakespeare

William Shakespeare is one of the more amazing writers to come out of England. Here is a quick guide to this amazing writer to get you up to speed.

A Quick Guide to William Shakespeare

There are many debates on who is the greatest writer in history. Some scholars point to more recent authors such as Hemingway and Steinbeck, while others dismiss these writers entirely. One name that comes up more than any other during this type of debate is Shakespeare. His writing, which encompasses the worlds of plays and poetry, is almost universally regarded as some of the best in existence.

The life of William Shakespeare starts with his birth on April 23, 1564. Much about his early life is hypothesized, as there were not many records kept during Elizabethan era. He was born to a family of comfort with a father who was a prominent town official and was probably able to attend a good grammar school and had a decent upbringing. He married Anne Hathaway at age 18 (she was three months pregnant and eight years older than Shakespeare) in 1582. For the rest of the decade, nothing about Shakespeare appears on record, and these years are generally known as his lost years.

By 1592, William Shakespeare was beginning to make his name as a playwright. By 1594, he was also an actor and part owner of a production company known as The King's Men. Obviously, his acting career did not take off or we would be the lesser for it since it would have taken away from his writing. By 1598, his name started to appear on the front pages of his plays as a selling point.

As things progressed, Shakespeare moved to London where he was able to earn enough money to buy a large house in Blackfriars, and own the second largest house in Stratford, New Place. His last two plays were written after 1613 (and after his retirement). Shakespeare died on his birthday, April 23, in 1616. He was still married to his wife Anne and was survived by her and his two children. His daughter went on to marry, but there are no direct descendants of Shakespeare alive today.

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