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Criminal Justice

Civil society cannot continue to exist without peace and order. Several structures and systems are in place to ensure that government, business and the general public enjoy protection from threats to their freedom, life and property.

Criminal justice is at the heart of these efforts. And you can play an active part in it with the right attitude and education.

What itís All About

Criminal justice is a diverse and interesting field that opens so many areas of opportunities for practitioners. More importantly, because it deals with the psychology of crimes and the social implications and influence on people who commit crimes, the field is dynamic and highly evolving.

Forms of social justice and punishment has changed over the years due to new legislations, advocacies and emerging philosophies. For example, prisons were previously seen as places where all the bad guys could be locked up, away from the vulnerable citizens. Today, correction facilities are embarking more rehabilitation programs to prepare these criminals to come back as more responsible members of society.

Crimes have also evolved into high-tech or cyber modes. Traditional methods and processes of profiling criminals and catching them have of course ridden on the same wave. Crimes are also not confined to a specific area. They can escalate into forms that may require international cooperation. And with the constant threat of terrorism, criminal justice agents are harnessing their skills in international politics, law, and relations to ensure peace and security.

Career Opportunities

Students of criminal justice may find that they have to learn not just general laws and enforcement techniques, but they may also need to choose something to specialize in, from numerous disciplines. Criminal justice is a product of interdisciplinary studies of law, psychology, sociology, public administration, criminology, forensics, among others.

With this extensive background, students can easily get into the police force, private security industries, courts, and even academics. The choices are varied and numerous.

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