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See How Easily You Can Decorate With Bamboo Roman Blinds

I love to decorate with bamboo roman blinds. I just want to ask you, who do you know that does not LOVE Bamboo? Bamboo, just the word is so much fun to say. Well, I am going to tell why I love my bamboo roman shades and why they are so much fun to decorate with.

First and the most important! Who loves or even likes to clean blinds? Well, not me, that's for sure. It seams that every other type of blind I owned has become a gunk collector. So, this is my favorite reason why I love the bamboo roman blinds. They are so easy to clean! Just wipe them down, no fuss at all.

Ok, reason number two; May be I should be numbering these, but then that makes it too formal, so just enjoy. Oh, back to my second reason. Bamboo has so many beautiful colors and you can have them in so many color combinations. Bamboo comes in reds, browns, yellows, and almost white. You'll just love the variety you have to choose from or combine them with.

Now for number three: You can get the bamboo roman blinds in so many styles. You can have the shade made of tiny pieces, almost like a matchstick size, or you can go with a flat, rounded style like the more traditional blinds.

I am more of a non-traditional shade type person. I am sure you have seen the awesome bamboo rugs that are available everywhere now. Well, don't you think it would be great to have your blinds and rug all tie in together and then use color in all your accent pieces. This gives you a simple, clean feel, which will not detract from the splash of personality you put in the accent pieces.

Bamboo roman blinds can be given a more sophisticated look by adding a bamboo valance and having the edges banded with cloth, a very tailored and classy look.

Another great thing about the bamboo roman blinds is that they are so lightweight and a cinch to install.

They are great for privacy and still letting in the light. But, if you want privacy as well as the light blocked, you can have fabric attached to the back of them that can be detached when you want. Because it is so light, the weight of the fabric does not hinder the blind at all when you are raising or lowering it.

Another great thing about these blinds, not only can you get them to come down from the top of the window, but did you ever think you could have them go from the bottom up to the top of the window? This is great because you have the advantage of an open look without giving up your privacy.

Bamboo, as I have mentioned is my favorite wood of all time. I am in love with Bamboo wood floors and the thought of using bamboo roman blinds along with the bamboo floor well, I think I will have a look that will be fun and so easy to decorate with since it is so versatile.

If you're thinking of changing the look of your romm or rooms then take a look at the bamboo roman blinds, pick your favorite combination and prepare to be impressed.

Happy Decorating with your new bamboo roman blinds!

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