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San Diego Consumer

With all that goes on in San Diego and all that San Diego has to offer wouldn't it be nice to have a website where San Diego is spotlighted. Well there is one, itís in development and itís called San Diego Consumer. Although most San Diego websites are run elsewhere we are based in San Diego and have lived in San Diego our whole lives so we know what this great city has to offer. Better yet we know the people, the environments, and the culture of San Diego.

We want to give San Diego a website where you can go chat with your friends, share photos, create forums, post events to a calendar, and much more. Although those features are not the backbone of the website you the consumer are the backbone, we will have a place where you can submit your review, complaint, recommendations, and so on about local businesses throughout San Diego.

Our goal is to spotlight business throughout San Diego by letting the consumer do the talking. San Diego Consumer is a tool for San Diego to unite against businesses that want to take advantage of us and to praise our local businesses that stand by their customers and keep their promises. Buying a car, a house, remodeling, putting in a pool, should be an exciting time in your life it should not be some crazy adventure you regret. San Diego Consumer wants to help make being a consumer as hassle free as possible but we need you the San Diego Resident to voice your opinion and share your thoughts with other San Diego Residents.

San Diego Consumer is a Beta Version right now but should be done by Summer 20007. All the features are operational and we would like you take a visit to San Diego Consumer, look around feel free to post a free classified, share photos etc. Remember we the consumer can make a difference, if we share are our opinions with others.


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