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Who Put The Christian In Christianity? Life Marriage Is What This Is All About!

Who put the Christian in Christianity? Life Marriage is What This is All About! That sure sounds like a strange title to an article in Christian marriage doesn't it? Well, there is a reason for it. Let me explain.

As Christians we are followers of Christ. That is who and what we are. In the Bible we read that the term Christian was first used in Antioch. It was to mean a "follower of Christ." The point I am making is that we are followers of Christ and in a Christian marriage we are to act like the One we say we believe in. To the degree that we do this mutually will be the degree of success we have in our marriages.

Next, I want to briefly share what "Life Marriage" is. Again, in the Bible we read that Jesus said that He came that we may have life and that more abundantly. The abundant life! Is that where your marriage is right now? Is that where you want it to be? Don't we all. Guess what? That is what Jesus wants for you and your marriage as well. The Good News is that He can and will do it if you and your partner allow Him to. That is why I call this "Life Marriage." Think Abundant Life Marriage. Now you may see why I titled this article, "Who put the Christian in Christianity? Life Marriage is What This is All About!"

If you would like Christ Centered help for your marriage it is abundantly available and I suggest you click on the link below. I believe it may be what you are looking for. If it does not help I believe there is an 8 week money back guarantee. Regardless, I hope you find your help and most of all stay close to Him, He never fails. God bless you all.

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Steve Feltrip is an evangelist and minister of the gospel. He has seen God work on his own marriage and continues to seek His help on a daily basis.

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