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Meal Plans 101 Review - Easy Step By Step Dieting Plan

Meal Plans 101 is currently offering a free e-course by Dr. Chris Mohr that is valued at $147. This free e-course includes very powerful information on how to get rid of fat the easy way.

My favorite thing about Meal Plans 101 is that you still get to eat a lot of food, it is just proportioned better. They include software that basically does everything for you and it makes this weight loss program very easy to succeed with.

Meal Plans 101 includes and allows you to:

1) Choose your own meals.

2) A system (a push button system at that) that guarantees major results in only 30 days.

3) Allows you to come up with thousands of meals for yourself, including your favorites.

4) Over thirteen thousand food choices.

5) Powerful software that pinpoints exact calorie amounts.

I normally do not go with programs like this, and I was actually very skeptical.

I have been attempting to lose weight time and time again. I have tried many over the counter pills resulting in disaster. I did some research online, being skeptical as I am and found the information on Meal Plans 101 to be pretty intriguing.

After downloading Meal Plans 101, I went to work on my meal plan diet right away. They have a meal planning guide that really works great (they include software that does the recording for you). It adjusts to you and your needs. Meal Plans 101 has been working out great for me and I highly recommend it.

One of the things that is a little frustrating about Meal Plans 101 is that there are some weeks where you only may lose a pound or two, but I learned that this is usually the case with most diet plans.

And on the other end, one of my favorite things about Meal Plans 101 is that you do not HAVE to do physical activity to lose weight. The program is completely centered around correctly portioned meal plans.

My name is Greg and I am fairly new to the health field. My plan is to first lose a comfortable amount of weight, 40 pounds for me, and then start lifting weights and gaining muscle. So far I have lost 18 pounds in 4 weeks with the Meal Plans 101 Dieting Plan. I will soon hit my 40 pound mark and start putting on some muscle (hopefully).

Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/?expert=Breanna_Smathers