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Converting To Catholicism » Catholicism In America

Only In America

Only in America
land that was free
now everyones a terrorist
from sea to shining sea

Only in America
home of the brave
whose agents will throw u
in an unmarked grave

Only in America
where once you could protest
no one will dare say B.mb
even though in jest

Only in America
with our Liberty Isle
will elected official
be a pedophile

Only in America
where eagles soar above
will our natural resourses
be sold off to a foreign gov.

Only in America
that oh so beautiful place
can the Vice Pres shoot
you in your face

Only in America
the place we all protect
will the govt stalk you
on the internet

Only in America
the land we all love
is now a place where we
are afraid of our gov.

Only in America
our soldiers die on foreign soil
so companies can corner
the world market on oil

Only in America
our govt holds power so dear
know the only way they keep
their jobs is thru the use of fear

Only in America
citizens use to be free
its time to stand up and be counted
from sea to shining sea



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Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/?expert=Athena_Louise