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Important Figures from Italy

From Rome to Religion, Italy has always been the home of significant powers in history. From this history have also come important figures.

Important Figures from Italy

Italy is much more than just a country of great food and art. There are also many other important aspects to the country shaped like a boot, including religion (Catholicism) and famous mathematic and scientific concepts. There are also many important figures from Italy, all of whom have made extreme impacts on their home country and the rest of the world. Without the many famous voices from Italy, our world would not be like it is today.

One of the most important figures from Italy is Marco Polo. This explorer was one of the first Westerners to travel the Silk Road, and he also visited Kublai Khan of the Mongol Empire. Born in 1254, Polo traveled to Asia with his father, and wrote down his many different experiences in Il Millione (The Million, or The Travels of Marco Polo). He explained much of the differences between Europe and Asia, as well as bringing different spices and goods that were previously unknown back to his home country of Italy. Some skeptics believed that Polo may never have actually taken this trip, but it was never disproven. Marco Polo died in 1324.

Another of the important Italians is Andrea Bocelli. This well-known opera singer was born in Italy in 1958, and is not only a singer, but also a writer and a music producer. Born with congenital glaucoma, Bocelli was blinded in an accident at the age of 12, making his success even more remarkable. He is considered by some music lovers to be more of a pop singer than an opera singer, because of his considerable commercial success, but Bocelli considers himself an opera singer even if he doesn't have the training.

A final look at the important figures from Italy brings us to Niccolo Pagnini. Born in1782, Pagnini was a famous Italian violinist, violist, guitarist and composer. He is generally known as one of the best violin virtuosos that the world has ever known, and his many classical compositions, including his most famous the Solo Caprice No. 24, have been played by many musicians. He died in 1840, after cancer of the larynx deteriorated his health until he was unable to speak.

There are many important figures from Italy, both those who were born in the country and those who were raised in Italy. Italians have made the world the place it is today, and without their influence, we would be an entirely different society.

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