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Opening the Gates to Middle Earth

Ok... I admit it. I've never read "The Lord of the Rings". Ever. This includes all the works of Tolkien. Don't get me wrong, its not that I don't want to read his books - believe me I've tried to. I attempted to read "The Hobbit" and "Fellowship" on numerous occasions however; I can never get past the first chapter.

Most people look at me like I've suddenly grown a second head when I tell them that. But it's the truth. I love to read fantasy novels, they are one of my favourite genres. When it comes to Tolkien, though, it is a completely different story - my brain just won't comprehend it. It looks like, to me, that Tolkien had attempted to write a children's book for adults. It's like the words are written backwards and all jumbled up. I just can't read his style of writing.

So you know that when I heard they were making the movies, I was totally thrilled (to say the least). I would finally be able to understand why Tolkien is so popular; I would finally be able to know what the story was about. Honestly, I looked forward to the movie releases; and was not disappointed. Although I must say I'm even more impressed with the Director's Cut version of each movie.

I know that the director, Peter Jackson, took his artistic licence with some scenes of the story. I'm told that the elves never went to Helms Deep, that the Rohirrims held the fort on their own. But that kind of thing happens in movies - especially movies based upon novels. I know several fans of The Lord of the Rings are completely disappointed by parts of the movie such as this. Viewing the movie without having that background knowledge of the books forced me to watch the movies without bias.

The movie trilogy has opened up Tolkiens' work to a completely new audience. By bringing Tolkien's work to a new media people who don't usually read fantasy works, people like me who can't read his writing style and others have been allowed to enter his fantasy world. Something that opens up to doors to new people can't be that bad, right?

It's a shame knowing that I can't read the books, I've tried since watching the films but I have the same problem... I just can't read Tolkien's work. The movie adaptations of his books however, are a perfect supplement to getting around this problem. It's wonderful to finally be able to hear Tolkiens' work and be able to grasp the reasoning behind why he is known as the 'grandfather' of fantasy.

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