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2 Ways to Ship Cars From Japan That You Need to Know

Before you even think about buying a car in Japan you need to know how to ship it to your country. For example, if you bought a beautiful R34 GTR skyline and had no idea how to get it into your country you could have just lost quite a lot of money.

There are a couple of ways you can ship your car from Japan. The first method is safer and I highly recommend doing this if you have an expensive or rare car.

Shipping car from Japan in a container.

Doing this will insure your car doesn’t get scratched and knocked about during transit. “Warfies” (the people that work on car carriers) are not exactly concerned if they scratch your car and this happens quite a lot. A small scratch on your import car could cost you quite a bit to get repaired, especially if the car has an aftermarket paint job. Warfies also tend to take things they like. If they see a nice stereo they will do what they can to get it, after all, they are out at sea for weeks at a time so they have plenty of time to steal your stuff.

Using a container to ship cars from Japan however does come at a cost. If you think this cost outweighs the benefits of using a container you should use the next method to ship cars from Japan.

The roll on roll off method to ship cars from Japan.

When shipping cars using the roll on roll of method your car may get a couple of little scratches during transit but often they can be buffed out. If you are importing a 2nd hand car with a standard paint job I suggest using roll on roll of. This is because shipping cars using this method is much cheaper.

If you would like to know the whole process to Ship cars from Japan take a look at Import a Japan Car. There are other things you should know before looking to buy a car in Japan and if you don’t know this information you could be in trouble.

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