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Buying WOW Gold - Read This First!

Buying WOW Gold has become quite popular as a lot of world of warcraft does revolve around how much money you have and because in the later levels of the game it can get quite hard to afford the latest steed if you do not know how to farm gold.

So Buying WOW Gold has become the alternative although today I am going to tell you a few facts about Buying WOW Gold and the problems you might well run into! First off Buying WOW Gold is illegal as stated in World of warcraft terms and conditions and you may well run into trouble or even have your account banned.

The game is made to be a challenge and if you are Buying WOW Gold then what would be the point in doing any of the missions? You must think about this as if you have loads of gold you will be able to afford the latest equipment but it will be no fun as you have not earned it!

Another think to think about when you are looking at Buying WOW Gold is some of the companies that sell the gold are just scams and there is no guarantee of receiving your gold! Also if they do not give you your gold you have paid for who are you going to go to? You will not be able to tell Blizzard as it is illegal and they might shut down your account.

I would suggest if you are looking to make gold on Wow to do a search on the web for a good gold guide then at least you know your account will be safe! As if you are subscribing to WOW you know how much it can cost and it is not worth the risks of getting your account banned just for some gold!

I hope this article has shown you there are good alternatives to Buying WOW Gold and good luck in your money making endeavours on WOW!

Simon Fields is a World of Warcraft Enthusiast and writes articles and submits product review on anything that can improve your game experience! For more info on Buying Wow Gold and to find out how you can make 300 Gold an hour click the link below:

Buying WOW Gold

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