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Bahama and Colonial Storm Shutters - Decoration and Security Rolled Into One

Bahama hurricane shutters, and Colonial hurricane shutters, are very popular for storm protection; mainly because of one reason…they make your home or business look great!

In fact, they are some of the finest shutters you can buy, while saving time and money.

Bahama and Colonial shutters are actually a mixture of redecorating and storm protection rolled into one. Bahama hurricane shutters truly are the most ideal solution for home and business owners alike.

With Bahama and Colonial hurricane shutters, you are provided with excellent security, but still have the ability to open and close them outside and inside, plus they are very easy to install.

Everything like arches, angles and curved tops can be done to them. So they will blend in seamlessly with your home or office building.

Bahama and Colonial shutters even provide improved insulation from hot and cold weather, and the shutters basically double as privacy protectors, since they are so easy to open and close from inside.

They even minimize glare and heat build-up, while still allowing free flow of fresh air and filtered sunlight.

Things to Remember Before Installing

Some things to remember before you install Bahama and Colonial hurricane shutters are to clear space between each opening that will be covered.

Also, Bahama shutters are a little less flexible then Colonial shutters, plus decorative banding that is already on your home, may require you to have some additional installation steps.

Overall though, Bahama hurricane shutters and Colonial shutters are a cost saving way of improving your home or businesses look, while at the same time protecting it from bad weather and hurricanes.

Note: If the building that Bahama and Colonial shutters are being installed on, has a lap style on it's vinyl or wood exterior, then that would require extra installation techniques and end up costing you a little more money.

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Request your free estimate on Bahama or Colonial storm shutters today and start protecting your property!

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