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I Fell In Love With An Atheist

Being married to an Atheist was a new experience for me. But it was a refreshing one.Since I recently left my marriage to a devoutly religious woman my life has changed.The openness that I now share with this new woman has enlightened me to a human quality that was missing from my long and shallow marriage. That openness is called honesty. We both know and accept the full range of who and what we really are,and communicate in truth rather than in hypocrisy. At first the exposure to such a raw person was frightening, and I didn't think it would last.

My Atheist woman was the most selfish person that I ever met. She was motivated out of pure desire and gave of herself only for herself. She reminded me of a pet cat that I used to own, but my woman was infinitely more interesting. When she was reading a book that book became her whole world, I didn't exist until she was finished reading and ready to eat or make love. It was then that she became even more perfect. Not only was she a great lover but she was also a fantastic cook. I never knew that there were so many ways to prepare a delicious meal, and she knew them all.Every word out of her mouth was so stimulating that there was no place else in the world that I would rather be but at her side.

When I first met her she confessed to me that she did not believe in god and that she was an Atheist. I was shocked to hear such a disclosure and was ready to depart,it was then that she said she needed me desperately. I asked her why, and she replied that she felt that I was a beautiful person,and needed to have a love affair with me. Her honesty turned me on, and lifted my self-esteem. We began to see each other on a steady basis, and before I moved into her place she told me that if I ever became unappealing to her she would ask me to leave. I accepted those conditions. Many months latter I asked her to marry me; she said she would.We were married in civil ceremony by an Atheist judge, and were wished good luck. This is the story of how I married an Atheist.

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