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Franchisor Founder Leadership Issues

One of the hardest types of companies to run is a franchise system. This is because the founder of the franchise company must be a caring person and care about the success of their franchisees. But at the same time they must also be tough love and act much like a parent. On one hand they have to act like a grandparent and provide wisdom and leadership for the franchised outlets and on the other hand they must enforce the standards and consistency and quality than are outlined in the confidential operations manual.

Franchisor founder leadership is not easy as the company grows the franchisor founder is not as easily accessible as they were in the beginning and this can cause the original franchisees who put blood, sweat and tears into the system to help it succeed lose faith. As the franchise system grows more leadership must be put into place to handle all the issues of maintaining the standards of the franchise system.

If the standards of the franchise system are not maintained this can lead to degradation of the franchise brand name and that will hurt both the franchisor in future sales of franchises and it also hurts the sales of the franchisee or franchised outlets who is trying to sell more products or services to the consumer and their customers. It is not easy running a franchise system and therefore it makes sense to study these things before attempting to become a Franchisor Founder. Please consider this in 2006.

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