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Expressing Your Hate Is Sometimes Useful

Sometimes hate may be very useful. Yes, I mean it. When you pull off your negative emotions on something absolutely unconnected with your family or friends, it saves them from your rage.

It is bad when you hate people. However, you may hate personalities. Not real people, but their public appearances. If you do think that Mr. XXX is not a very good economist, and you do hate the policy he runs while he is in the government, why not express you rage? After all, public judgements help people stop and look backwards at what they've done.

Of course, it won't do if you run the streets and yell "I hate Mr. XXX! He is such a jerk!" But you can express your opinion in the most readable and facts-supported way. If your copy of "I hate Mr. XXX for this, this and this" appears on a website accessible to other Internet users, who knows, maybe they'll support you and there would be a noticeable impact on the things you discuss.

When expressing your negative opinion on someone, make sure you prove it. Writings like "I hate this because I hate this!" don't deserve much attention from the readers and they actually don't enjoy this attention. Be just. Try to explain why you think this or that is bad and who may be responsible for that. Even if you are to explode from anger, don't be offensive. Remember: nothing personal. Hate is OK when it hits no one caring.

There are quite a few websites on the Internet that are devoted to posting the printed expressions of hate. If a person wants their opinion to appear on such website, they need to submit a copy to the editorial department and soon the text will appear on the website pages.

Yaroslav Shakula is the editor-in-chief of I Hate This Organization. He is experienced in seo-copywriting and now is working on a scientific project devoted to the hate expressed online.

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