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Can Christianity Co-Exist with Alien Off World Intelligent Life?

Many scholars have debated will happen when mankind discovers life, which is not of this Earth, would that cause conflict for organized religions of the world. Specifically can Christianity co-exist with alien off world intelligent life? Well consider this if you will. In the Beginning it is said that; God Created the Heavens and the Earth and he did this for about 6-days and then rested. Yah, that makes sense I guess I would be tired too after creating all that?

So, then if God is eternal as the Christian religion states then what did he do the week after? Well, we do not know. Ah ha, so chances are this creative genius of sorts perhaps went on to create other life in other worlds? If so that also makes sense right? So, then Christianity can co-exist with the discovery of alien intelligent beings and therefore it lives to preach another day.

Does this mean that Christianity will last forever? Well, most likely not in its present form, because all religions have to modify themselves with the times and remember the Earth was said to be flat right? Whoops, they seem to have changed that, as religion is always changing something. Can Christianity Co-Exist with Alien off world Intelligent Life? Well either way someday it will have to or someday you might be saying it does not exist.

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