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Joseph Smith, The Founder Of The Mormon Religion

When thinking of someone that establishes a religion, people often assume that this person would be quiet, meek, mild, and without reproach at any time. Obviously this is an awfully big burden for anyone to bear, and certainly no person is perfect. However, when talking about Joseph Smith, the founder of the Mormon religion, there are many details of his short life that might actually surprise people, even those of the Mormon religion itself.

For one thing, Joseph Smith based many of his teachings on not just his visions from God but from the King James Version of the Bible, however, he stated that the Bible had been translated incorrectly. As founder of the Mormon religion, Smith took it upon himself to correct what he said were errors in the Christian churches of his day. He felt that he needed to "restore temples," as he referred to as other leaders of the church.

Smith's teachings and beliefs put him at odds with many in other Christian churches and with non-Mormon residents of the area where he lived. These groups actually engaged in real battles and skirmishes; more than a few casualties were reported. The founder of the Mormon religion was ready to defend his new church, not only from the pulpit but on the battlefield as well!

There are many things that are not absolutely established as fact when it pertains to the founder of the Mormon religion, including accusations of polygamy, shady business practices, theft from other members, and things such as these. Whether or not these things are true, it can be said that at the very least, Joseph Smith, the founder of the Mormon religion was very sincere in his religious beliefs.

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