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The Primitive Middle Age Death Cults Still Exist

Where did the idea of international terrorists and suicide bombers come from? Isn't that an incredible waste of human life in the sound and fury of mankind? It is interesting that someone would not value innocent human life or even their own to that degree.

These primitive Middle Age death cults need to be curtailed and those people who are involved in the Islamic radical fundamentalism need to be reeducated and those who recruit and promote suicide bombing and the joining of international terrorist organizations need to be stopped.

If those who promote such things do so in the name of religion and belief that their religion is protected true freedoms of religion then we need to withdraw all those freedoms in the name of the common good. It is not okay to have a religion, which preaches hate, violence or suicide acts of international terrorism.

Religious freedom has obviously been abused to the point that such freedoms can no longer be honored. It is time for mankind to grow up and to wake up and perhaps ditch some of these primitive middle age religious cults and their death squads.

It is unacceptable in the present period and if we are to maintain a forward progression of this species we must stop this here and now. Please consider all this in 2006.

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