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The Flow of Religion Considered

There are so many flows in a civilization that are necessary to propel its stability. Is the flow of religion one of them? In other words is religion as important as the; Flow of Energy, Water, Communication, Transportation, Distribution, Currency and Trade? Well we all know that there has never been a time in any recorded written history where religion has not been a major part of a human society or civilization.

Some say we need to consider the Flow of Religion in a civilization; Good Point. I have a considered the Flow of thought and religion is much about the flow of thought in a civilization and how that thought influences trends such as cults or religion.

It is any interesting study and I have read many books on this subject, it is an interesting phenomena of humans and great apes seem to have a religion of nature as they stare and watch water falls and the array of light and rainbows. They travel miles to just sit and watch in awe; maybe that is how it all started?

Can we have peaceful human civilizations without religion? Oh certainly especially if you look at past and present wars and culture clashes causing conflict. Perhaps religion really is the problem or one of the main instigators of human chaos and controversy, propelling so much unnecessary sound and fury?

Maybe we can pull the plug on religion and let it flow down the drain? That is certainly and interesting solution; and away go problems Down the Drain! Consider all this in 2006.

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