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Happy Easter to All the Molested Children

The Catholic Church must be shut down. I am not saying this just because of the ridiculous displays of medieval costumes, which more represent a very bad Hollywood low budget "B" movie or the Nabisco Holy crackers or Sparkletts holy water they try to pass off. No sir, I am talking about the molestations and rapes, which have gone on for centuries and millenniums.

If that were a World Wide Franchise of Day-Care Centers instead of a World Wide business of real estate and art stealing, paying the employees in sex-slave children services, it would have been shut down in every nation already. What a complete hypocrisy and double standard here? How can society allow crime in this way?

To all those who practice the Catholic Faith, how can you turn a blind eye on reality and you backs on the children that the Catholic Church has molested and still support them with your 10% tithing "royalty" payments? Giving money to the Catholic Church is a sin against humanity. There should be a price for that too. Supporting International Terrorism of Children is wrong and you know it no matter how you try to justify this in your little weak minds. Consider this in 2006.

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