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All Major Religions Believe in a God

It is said that all major religions believe in God or a God. Some major religions believe in multiple gods in one entity or many gods with different attributes. But this does not mean that a god or gods exist at all. Just because billions of people in the planet have been brainwashed from the time they were very young into a religious following or organized cult does not mean it is real or that there even is a God.

It is similar to the innate characteristic of human beings to follow others rather than think for themselves. After all it is easier to follow than to lead. Many people believe that the reason that humans believe in a God is it allows them to communicate with a higher source than self. But in doing so often the followers of large religions give up self and their life experience to live their life in a way, which has been designed by another.

He who gives up his life experience for another cannot experience life to its fullest. And we know that all world religions are controlled by other men who wish to control the masses. So just because all major religions believe in a God is meaningless, so what? If a hundred people jumped off a bridge, would you jump too?

If you want to find the person who controls religion, he will be the person who does not jump and says he will go last. Trust me, he will say. The only reason why all religions believe in a God is because those who control religion have discovered this method works to control humans. Consider this in 2006.

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