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Finding Someone of the Same Religion Can Be Impossible Without the Internet

If you are involved in a religion that is not common in your area, you may need the Internet to help you find dates that share your religious preferences. Imagine living in a country where there is less than 1% of a population that shares your religion. While having the same religion is not important to all people, some religious people prefer to only date within the same belief system.

When you have access to the Internet and dating sites, you will likely find that it is easier than you thought to find someone who believes the same way you do. While most dating sites ask for a religious preference, some daters choose not to post their preferences. So, you may need to dig a little deeper to find someone, especially if you have non-traditional religious views for your area.

While many people have the option of meeting people at their local church, this may not be a luxury for some. Perhaps there is not a church you feel comfortable with in your area, which automatically limits your choices. Maybe you donít know a single person with the same religious preference. You can use the Internet to find others like yourself however and to arrange dates as well.

Oh Srichaphan has been studying the effects of arranged marriages on Indian Girls.

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